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Nashville Rollergirls were founded in 2006. In 2019 the league announced its rebrand as Nashville Roller Derby (NRD) to be more reflective of the core values to respect, recognize, and appreciate the diversity of the organization. NRD is committed to building a culture that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable both within our league and in the greater Nashville area. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to developing athletes in the amateur sport of women’s flat track roller derby, and are proud members of the WFTDA.

Nashville Roller Derby currently has two teams, the Music City All-Stars, our internationally ranked travel team, and the Music City Brawl Stars, who travel regionally. These two teams challenge our members to set goals for themselves and allow our members to develop a derby and life balance that works for them. Prior to earning a spot on these teams, interested individuals go through our Bootcamp program, which is open to all, no matter their previous skating experience. 

Skating officials, non-skating officials, and volunteers are vital in the continued success of NRD and we welcome all who wish to be part of our community. Those interested in joining our organization in this capacity, no matter their previous experience, are encouraged to reach out.

Our 2020 season has been cancelled to protect our community and their families from the spread of Covid-19. Information for the 2021 season will be updated as we are able to determine what is best for the health and safety of our members and the greater Nashville area.


Nashville Roller Derby’s mission is to empower and inspire athletes, officials, volunteers and fans through the fast-paced sport that is amateur flat track roller derby. As a 501(c)3 built and sustained by all NRD community members, NRD is committed to building a culture that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable both within our league and in the greater Nashville area. As a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), we empower and support NRD community members to reach their highest potential through a commitment to camaraderie, teamwork and competition.



Nashville Roller Derby’s vision is to grow a regional community of skaters, officials, volunteers, and fans who LOVE the sport of roller derby. We welcome anyone who shares our values, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, body shape or size, socio-economic, or disability status. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to the league’s current and future success. There shall be no barriers to participating in NRD, no matter someone’s socioeconomic status, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, ability, culture, language or any other social difference. We are constantly looking to improve on the individual and team level so we can grow within the ranks of the WFTDA and compete at a high-level of play internationally. Through the athleticism, excitement, and competitive spirit of roller derby, we will use the awesome power of our sport to inspire and encourage each other and all persons in our community to realize their full potential.



Respect the Game and Each Other - We treat each other the way we would like to be treated. We recognize and appreciate the diversity of our membership and show consideration for every person's thoughts, feelings, and experiences. We strive to maintain a league culture where all members– including Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and all people of color, as well as LGBTQIA+, and disabled members– are welcomed, included, and celebrated. Above all, we respect the rules of roller derby and play with integrity.


Open and Honest Communication - We promote healthy conversations to solve problems. We strive to be good listeners and seek first to understand. We do not shy away from direct communication; we aim to always say what we mean and mean what we say. 


Strength of Mind & Body - We dedicate ourselves to building and maintaining the physical strength required to play our sport and protect ourselves from injury. We cultivate mental toughness by persevering with a positive attitude, even when things are hard. We encourage and support each other always.


Competitive Spirit - We bring intensity and focus to everything we do, on and off the track. We challenge ourselves and each other to be the best we can be. We are confident we can succeed no matter what.

We Work Hard and Get Things Done - In everything we do, we give 100%. We arrive at practice and for our games focused and prepared. When our team needs us, we step up. Our leaders lead by example. As circumstances change, we adapt as needed and remain flexible.


Team-First Attitude - We take pride in our individual abilities and progress but place our common goals ahead of personal glory. We work as a team to ensure the success of the entire league.


Derby/Life Balance - We are realistic about the demands of this sport and of running this business with an all-volunteer staff. We take time to care for our own physical, mental, and emotional health so that we can be as fully present as possible when our team needs us. We are honest with ourselves and each other about our boundaries and limitations.



Nashville Roller Derby would like to acknowledge that our events are held on the traditional homelands of Indigenous Peoples. We further acknowledge the following: 

  • Indigenous Peoples were the first residents of what we now know as North America, including the State of Tennessee.

  • Nashville is built upon the homelands and villages of the Shawnee, Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Yuchi tribal nations.

  • In 1838, the Cherokee Nation was forcibly removed to the lands west of the Mississippi, and one of the routes of this 'Trail of Tears' passed through Nashville.

We provide this land acknowledgment in recognition and respect of the Indigenous People to whom this land belongs. We are grateful to these tribal nations for being the original stewards and protectors of these lands since time immemorial. Our ability to reside in this state is the direct result of oppression, forced dispossession, and deliberate colonization of these Indigenous Peoples. 

We also acknowledge the systemic policies of genocide, relocation, and assimilation that still impact Indigenous families today. We recognize that this acknowledgment by itself is only the first step towards reconciliation and that it must be coupled with informed action. Nashville Roller Derby is excited and committed to looking for new ways to work with people and organizations that benefit and collaborate with native communities.

For more information or to support Native Americans in Tennessee, please visit:



Nashville Roller Derby is committed to including and supporting transgender, intersex, and otherwise gender-expansive athletes. Any individual, regardless of their gender identity, gender expression, pronouns, or assigned sex at birth, may skate with Nashville Roller Derby if women's flat track roller derby is the version of roller derby that they best identify with. Anyone may be a part of the league regardless of gender expression or identity in officiating or volunteer capacities.

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